Will You Take Me to Get an Abortion?

“Will you take me to get an abortion?”


“We usually take selfies together and today she asked me to drive her to get an abortion”blog on friends and abortion

She just told you she is pregnant.  She is facing an overwhelming situation and has come to you for support. She is trusting you with this unknown area of her life.  She wants you to take her to get an abortion. It’s best to remain calm and show her your support.


Who Can You Call?

At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic we strive to be the support that she needs in an unexpected pregnancy situation.  Our staff and volunteers will answer questions and provide facts and information to make an informed pregnancy decision – whether it’s abortion, adoption or parenting.  You can make a no-cost appointment by clicking here or call or text 949 334 7722.

What Happens Next?

At the Center, we will provide a laboratory-quality pregnancy test and if it’s positive, she may qualify for a limited ultrasound, all at no-cost to her.  An ultrasound exam will show if the fetus is viable, in the womb, and that it’s not an ectopic pregnancy. Plus the exam will date her pregnancy and show if there is a single baby or multiples. An ultrasound is especially helpful to your friend considering abortion since 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.  Knowing viability will spare your friend from going through the process of an unnecessary procedure.

Where and When?

Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic is open Monday through Saturday in San Clemente California.  Plus we have a mobile medical clinic available in Capo Beach and Mission Viejo for easy access to our services.  You can make a no-cost, confidential appointment right now by clicking here.  

We are here to help YOU help her.


Contact phone/text: 949.334.7722
Email connect@prcmedicalclinic.com
Mobile Clinic phone/text: 949.441.0772

mon – wed: 10am – 4pm

thurs: 11am – 5pm

fri: 9am – 3pm

sat: 9am – 12pm

Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic is a licensed medical clinic offering services and pregnancy help at no cost to you. The Clinic provides free pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, and information on pregnancy options. Our Clinic is not an abortion provider, and does not provide referrals to abortion clinics. All services are confidential and at no cost to you.

*Our OB limited Ultrasounds are scheduled based on a positive pregnancy test taken at PRC,  dating of last menstrual period, and other health factors.

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phone/text: 949.441.0772


mon - wed: 10am - 4pm
thurs: 11am - 5pm
fri: 9am - 3pm
sat: 9am - 12pm

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If you are sexually active and are concerned that you may be pregnant, make an appointment for a pregnancy test at Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic. The Clinic will answer your questions and provide you with factual information in order for you to make an informed decision. If you are pregnant, you may qualify for a limited ultrasound at no cost to you. All of our services are free and confidential.



416 Avenida de la Estrella
San Clemente, CA 92672