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Adoption is not an easy choice, it’s a sacrificial choice.  These mother’s are the hero of someone’s story.


You think you may be pregnant – unexpectedly.  Having a baby right now may not seem possible.  There may be lots of reasons why.  So let’s consider one of your options:  the option of adoption

Adoption has changed drastically over the last several decades.  Did you know you are in the driver’s seat now? You can create an adoption plan YOU are comfortable with and that’s right for you! Depending upon the type of adoption you choose, and the agency you select to facilitate the adoption, you may have access to counseling, financial support, housing, medical coverage, and transportation for important doctor visits.  So let’s look at your adoption options: 

  • Open adoption: Using a reputable adoption agency, you get to choose the adoptive parents for your child.  These parents have been pre-screened and have to pass security and safety standards set by the agency.  The adoptive parents provide the birth mom/biological parents a profile on themselves so you can learn in advance their hobbies, interests, values, culture, etc.    Once the decision is made, you and the adoptive parents agree upon how much contact to have – whether it’s face-to-face visits, sending mail and/or photos; however it is structured, the adoptive parents become the legal parents.  You can participate in the child’s life as mutually agreed upon. 
  • Semi-open adoption:  A semi-open adoption occurs when the potential birth mom or birth families experience non-identifying interaction with the adoptive family. In most cases, interaction is facilitated by a third party which is usually the adoption agency or attorney. In this type of adoption, the identity of all parties is usually kept from one another. In most cases, interaction is limited to letters or cards. 
  • Closed adoption:  a form of adoption in which the biological parents have no direct contact with the adoptive family, and the adoptive parents often know little or nothing about the biological parents.

GREAT NEWS! If you are living in America, you likely know a family who has adopted a child or you have a friend who was adopted into a family.  The statistics for the adopted child are overwhelmingly positive.   Studies show:

  • That adopted children thrive and may “out succeed” children raised in a biological home!  
  • The majority of adopted children have enriching experiences in their adoptive families.  
  • More adopted children are raised by both parents than are non-adopted children.
  • Statistically, adoptive parents have a higher than average household income.
  • Adoptive parents devote more time to reading and singing with their children, promoting good education.
  • Adoptive families tend to have better healthcare provisions.
  • Adoptive parents tend to have a higher participation rate. 81% of adopted children have parents who reported their relationship with their child as very warm and close. 

Adoption is not an easy choice, it’s a sacrificial choice.  These mothers are the hero of someone’s story.  At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic, we understand that the choice is yours to make.  We provide pregnancy decision counseling and can review adoption options with you and provide referrals to reputable adoption agencies.  

Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic is not nor are we affiliated with any Adoption Agency/Center.  We do not benefit from a woman’s choice to parent,  place for adoption, or abort.  We are a non-profit organization.