Option 1 Parenting


We live in a pro-Woman America, where working mothers and mothers in school are not only celebrated but will find many resources to their advantage.  


You think you may be pregnant – unexpectedly.  Having a baby right now may not seem possible.  There may be lots of reasons why.  So let’s consider one of your options:  the option of parenting. 

  • Each situation is unique. From woman to woman there are many reasons why parenting may seem overwhelming but let’s consider some positive things about parenting: You may be thinking, “I can’t imagine having a baby right now.  It’s not the right time”.  That’s a common reaction in an unexpected pregnancy.  What we have found is that most women we meet who decide to keep their baby and parent, that once the child is born, they remark on how they can’t imagine life without their baby and are surprised they thought any other way.

  • Baby’s dad in the picture?  Depending upon your circumstance, the baby’s father may or may not be involved in the pregnancy decision.  If the father of the baby is not involved, there is support available to help you in the short term, while you’re making long-term plans to be a single mom.   

  • Concerned about your family and friends’ reaction?   If their initial reaction is unfavorable, more times than not, your support system will come to accept the pregnancy.  If it’s your parents, we find that once their grandchild is born, they are a great support to both the mom and the child.  

  • Some of the most famous people were raised by single mothers: Justin Bieber, Keanu Reeves, Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, Halle Berry, Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Jon Stewart, and even President Barack Obama!

  • Some amazing people who were almost aborted are Steve Jobs, Tim Tebow, Andrea Bocelli, Ludwig Van Beethoven!


There is no limit to an empowered woman!

We live in a pro-Woman America, where working mothers and mothers in school are not only celebrated but will find many resources to their advantage.  


  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers referrals to HUD-approved housing counseling agencies. These agencies provide free or low-cost services. This can be a great resource for first-time homebuyers who are single parents.

  • The Federal Housing Authority offers FHA home loans to first-time buyers or people who haven’t owned a home for three years. It requires only a 3.5 percent down payment and doesn’t have income-eligibility requirements. Minimum credit scores of 580 are required for a 96.5 percent loan and 500 for a 90 percent loan.

  • The federal Pell Grant gives single moms free tuition assistance to attend any college in the country.

  • Life of a Single Mom has all sorts of resources for utility discounts, mentoring services, legal aid, housing, transportation, technology, eye exams, surgeries, and on and on.

At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic we provide you with the tools, and most importantly, the hope necessary to make the best choices for you and your family. We want to see all of our clients who make this choice become the best parents they can be.

The Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic believes strongly in educating and equipping our clients who have decided to carry their pregnancy to term. Part of our ongoing support is our Earn While You Learn program, which is offered at no cost to our clients. Participants who attend our classes earn “baby bucks” and can shop at our Baby Boutique for items such as maternity and baby clothing, diapers, supplies, and larger essential items. 

We have helped nearly 2,000 women since 2008 years who made life-affirming pregnancy decisions that not only resulted in happy babies…but happy mommies.