There are some gifts you want to get on any holiday – and there are some gifts you aren’t expecting.  Some gifts that keep on giving and some gifts you plan to re-gift.


Pregnancy is a gift that is often times wanted and hoped for, and frequently unexpected.    Sexually transmitted diseases could be considered “gifts” that you didn’t want, don’t want, and hope you don’t re-gift!


Let’s unpack both and decide what to do with these big surprises you may encounter this season.




Unexpected gift | San ClementeFirst, let’s start here…pregnancy  is survivable. If you are beside yourself with worry, please call us right away on 949 334-7722 or click here to book a No-Cost-To-You appointment CLICK HERE


Some women find that they are a little excited at the idea, but nervous and uncertain.  Others are adamant that they are NOT ready to be a parent.  Many may even accept the new revelation with anticipation.   We address all these feelings with factual responses and healthy options.


There are three choices and ways that we can help.  

  1. Parenting – we will help you by equipping both you and the baby’s father with resources and parenting classes.  
  2. Adoption – we will guide you through the adoption process and then connect you with a credible agency that will let you choose either open adoption (allows you to have an ongoing relationship with the adoptive parents and child) or closed adoption (no contact with the child).  
  3. Abortion – we will sit with you and explain the types of abortion and risks and procedures for your current stage of pregnancy.  At the same time you may want a free ultrasound to determine viability and how far along you are in the pregnancy before you make your decision.




Pregnancy gift | San Clemente

A sexually transmitted disease, infection (or a combination) – is NEVER a wanted surprise.  If you are having sex you could be placing yourself at risk and should be tested.  Sometimes a simple swab or urine test will confirm an STD/STI; HIV, HSV, and Hep B & C will require a blood test.  Syphilis may require a blood test, but can sometimes be diagnosed with a simple swab from a genital sore.


Like an unintended pregnancy, an STD or STI may be in most cases survivable.  However, there are certain types of Human Papilloma Viruses known as HPV, that cause genital warts (visible) or cervical cancer (invisible), or cancer or the neck, mouth and throat, which can lead to death.  Women should have a pap test to determine of cancerous cells exist.  HIV may lead to AIDS, which can shorten your life.





ALL our services are at no cost to you.  At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic, we give the free gift of hope everyday at the Center. 100% of what we do is a gift to you, because…


Pregnancy may = Love | San Clemente

LOVE is at the center of our Center.

No Cost to You Services:

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