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What is Sexual Freedom?
(And Do We Really Have It?)

Non-restricted sexual activity is the basis for the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s. Is it all that it’s cracked up to be?  Our culture tells us, “yes”!  We are liberated and have the freedom to engage in whatever feels good. Is it healthy? Does it make us feel good?

Lets first debunk safe sex. Safe sex is like safe driving, you may be prepared and take every precaution, and still get an STD, STI, or unplanned pregnancy.  Safe Sex = More Sex and More Sex = More Risk. There are 20 million new cases of STD’s each year with some being simply embarrassing, others are incurable, lifelong infections that may even lead to death. Symptoms of an STD/STI may be pain, itching, sores, discharge, and pain with urination. However, if you are infected with HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) or Chlamydia you may not have any symptoms. You can read more about the risks of “safe sex” in our blog Abstain – Don’t Do It. If you have been sexually active you should be tested. If your partner has been sexually active your partner should be tested.

Should YOU limit your freedom and say “NO”?

Studies have shown since the sexual revolution women have become more successful in the workplace and are experiencing greater independence, yet 1 in 8 women are taking anti depressants at nearly twice the rate of men. The sexual revolution increased, pornography, prostitution, children born out of wedlock, and domestic violence increased between unmarried sexual partners. These statistics show the cost of “free love” by the decline in the emotional and physical health of women. Freedom without limitations can quickly get out of control.

Samantha finds her freedom by having her period come on schedule, and she doesn’t have fear of sexually transmitted disease (STD) or infection (STI). She and her boyfriend feel good about their decision to wait until marriage before having sex. She doesn’t have the guilt of abortion, or experience complications from either abortion or miscarriage. Samantha isn’t concerned about side effects of birth control or morning after pill. She is excited can complete her academic and relationship goals!

Alexandra is scared. Her period is late, and she fears she is pregnant. This is complicated by a burning sensation when she urinates and she fears she may have an STD for the rest of her life. The Pill makes her feel bloated, nauseous, and gives her a headache. She feels bad about her self. Her boyfriend doesn’t seem to love her and is only using her for sex. She is afraid she may need an abortion and is depressed. She is regretting her choices.

So, what makes the freedom, free? Having the choice to say, “no”!

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