Abortion Near Me

Do you live in South Orange County and find yourself facing a pregnancy you did not plan?  There are a few things you want to do before making a pregnancy decision. Verify your pregnancy Get an ultrasound Understand different types of abortion Why verify your pregnancy? A urine pregnancy test reveals the presence of HcG…
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Considering Abortion | San Clemente

Considering Abortion?

Considering abortion? At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic we are here to help. Call today to schedule your free appointment 949 334 7722
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Coronavirus and pregnancy banner

Covid-19 and Pregnancy

COVID-19 and Your Pregnancy   At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic we serve women with care and share fact-based information to help and give hope during the Coronavirus global pandemic.  Our services are always FREE and completely confidential & safe. We are following all CDC and state guidelines for cleanliness.   Several  of our clients…
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Adoptive Family | San Clemente

Option is Part of Adoption

  Option is Part of Adoption If you or someone you know is faced with an unexpected pregnancy that person may be flooded with fears, doubts and concerns.  “I just can’t have a child right now” is frequently on the minds of our clients. Parenting seems impossible, and abortion seems daunting.  Yet, these two choices…
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Unplanned gift | San Clemente

Unplanned Gift that Keeps on Giving

First, let’s start here…pregnancy  is survivable. If you are beside yourself with worry, please call us right away on 949 334-7722 or click here to book a No-Cost-To-You appointment
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Dad in South Orange County

Starring Role, Played by Dad

Starring Role, Played by Dad   Starring Role Who held the starring role in your childhood?  Was it a musician, rockstar, famous actor or actress?  Does the the Military come to mind? Firefighters or Police officer?  Would you choose your mother or grandmother? How about a teacher or a favorite coach?  What about your dad?…
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How can I reverse the Abortion Pill?

Can I Reverse the Abortion Pill?     I changed my mind. “I’m having second thoughts and regrets about taking the abortion pill, and I want to change my mind.”    It may not be too late to reverse.  If you’ve taken the first dose of the abortion pill, statistics show there are good results…
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Abortion pill | San Clemente

Is the Abortion Pill Right for Me?

Is the Abortion Pill Right for Me?   I’m Pregnant, and Considering a Medical Abortion (AKA the Abortion Pill)… Having a medical abortion, is different from a surgical abortion. A surgical abortion uses instruments to remove the fetus and for first trimester pregnancies, the procedure is done in a clinic-setting and takes less than ten…
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How much is an abortion near San Clemente

How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

How Much Does an Abortion Cost?   The cost for abortion depends on the type of procedure you have.  These are (approximate) costs, as verified,  in Orange County, CA as of November, 2018: Abortion pill  – $650 In-clinic surgical abortions: First trimester – $550 Second trimester ranges from $900 to $1,100 For pregnancies 18 weeks…
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Mobile Clinic | San Clemente

Takin’ it to the Streets

Takin’ It to the Street     At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic, we are pleased to announce our state of the art Mobile Unit! Equipped and ready to serve you this Summer of 2017. The Mobile Clinic allows us to take our “NO COST TO YOU” confidential services on the road. We are able…
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