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Mobile Clinic in Mission Viejo

What is a mobile clinic?  Is visiting a mobile clinic as good as going to a free-standing medical clinic?


Let’s answer these important questions.  First, what is a Mobile Clinic?  At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic, we have customized a Mobile Clinic that travels to communities to provide pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound, and pregnancy options that are confidential and at no cost to you.  Our mobile clinic is staffed by medical professionals, staff and trained volunteers.  


Our team is specifically trained to discuss all three pregnancy options – parenting, adoption and abortion, including risks and procedures of both medical and surgical abortion, both short and long-term.  We also provide resources and community referrals, and connect you with our medical clinic in San Clemente for additional no-cost services as noted below.


What happens at our free-standing medical clinic?  At PRC Medical Clinic, we provide the same core services as on our mobile clinic, but in a building that provides further support.  For example, with a parenting choice, we offer Earn While You Learn parenting classes to both moms and dads, where we also have guys meeting with guys.  If adoption is an option, we have client advocates to help guide you further in making this decision.  


For your initial visit, consider our Mobile Clinic.  It is outfitted with a complete private room for ultrasound scanning and consults similar to what you would find in our free-standing clinic.  Our medical team possess the same degrees and licensing and follow the exact same training process at the center.  A benefit of the Mobile Clinic, it may be more convenient and closer to you.  It’s easy to schedule an appointment on the mobile clinic and the staff is exceptional.  

Call or text us to find out our locations or click here to make an appointment today.