For Guys: Get The Facts

Is She Pregnant? What Can I Do?

You might be thinking: “This can’t be happening to me!” or “We were careful…” or “She was on the pill; I used a condom. Isn’t that enough?”

Every method of birth control has its failure rate. If you’re having sex, pregnancy can occur. It’s a risk you take. Most men like to make decisions based on facts. At the Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic we can provide the facts you need:

  • Is she really pregnant? She can a get lab-quality pregnancy test and confirm results through a limited ultrasound.
  • How far along is she? An ultrasound will determine the baby’s age. It will also confirm if the pregnancy is in her uterus. This is important since 20% of all pregnancies may end in miscarriage.
  • The gestational age will determine abortion type and cost.
  • What are the options, and what role do you play in the decision?

While the pregnancy choice is ultimately hers, it’s a  decision that  involves you both. If you think she may be pregnant, you can come in together and get the facts – including how abortion might affect you. You are not alone and your support may help her with her pregnancy options. We have trained client advocates and medical professionals who can help. 

Our staff is here to listen and give you both the information needed to make an informed decision. Guys talking to guys. No cost. No pressure. Completely confidential.

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