HEALthy REALationships

HEALthy REALationships “We have great sex, and he is always wanting more, but I don’t think he actually likes me.”   Is Fake Love making you feel wounded? In today’s “breadcrumbing” world, a relationship is basically non-committal. When a life issue comes up, the relationship doesn’t have the grit to hold up…and “Thank you, Next” becomes …

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#Youtoo? Our culture has put the act of sex, in a box marked “PLEASURE” as if that is the sole purpose for an intimate sexual relationship. We are seeing scores of people who have been preyed upon for sex. Some people feel like sex is expected and the only way to secure a boyfriend, maintain …

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Spring Made Me Do It

SPRING MADE ME DO IT   Wikipedia says Spring fever is a term applied to various moods, and physical or behavioral changes, which may be experienced coinciding with the arrival of spring.   The term may also refer to an increase in energy, vitality, and sexual appetite. Spring will come and go.  Fevers come and go. Sexually …

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Just One More

Just One More?   Alcohol and recreational drugs, mixed with sex is risky business.  Substance users are more likely to engage in behaviors that increase the risk of pregnancy.    A casual night of “fun” might result in  an unexpected pregnancy that sets in motion a pregnancy decision and possibly the question, “Am I going …

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