Reverse the Abortion Pill

Can I Reverse the Abortion Pill?

I changed my mind.

“I’m having second thoughts and regrets about taking the abortion pill, and I want to change my mind.”    It may not be too late to reverse.  If you’ve taken the first dose of the abortion pill, statistics show there are good results when starting the reversal protocol within the first 24 hours.   There is an Abortion Pill Reversal.  The process uses the progesterone hormone, which has shown to counteract the effects of the abortion pill.

Understanding the Abortion Pill.

Have you taken the abortion pill?  Are you participating in a medical abortion?  This is not the “morning after pill”,  but a two part process in which you  participate by taking two drugs.  The first pill will block the progesterone hormone which is needed for pregnancy to continue.  When used together with the second pill, it will end an early pregnancy if taken within 70 days or less since the first day of the last menstrual period (approximately 10 weeks).The Abortion Clinic said I have to complete the Abortion.

Not so,  the choice to reverse is STILL an option for you.  No one can legally force you to have or complete an abortion process.  Even once you have started a medical abortion, by taking the Abortion Pill, the Abortion Pill Reversal is available to you.

I’m Spotting and Bleeding.

During the reversal treatment, it’s common to see spotting and bleeding associated with the medical abortion. Unless directed otherwise by your doctor, it is both safe, and important to continue taking the progesterone.

Should I take the second set of pills for the medical abortion?

The second medication in the medical abortion, will cause the uterus to contract, expelling the baby. This second step is not needed if you are trying to reverse the chemical abortion started by taking the first pill.

When should I seek Medical attention?

If you experience heavy bleeding, faintness, severe abdominal pain, or fever, seek emergency medical attention immediately. This could be effect of the second pill and would require immediate care.

It is important to have an ultrasound to confirm that your baby is in the uterus as soon as possible.  At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic, we will arrange an ultrasound at no-cost to you.

Women, under doctor’s care, have successfully maintained pregnancies and given birth to healthy babies after reversal progesterone treatment.   Counteracting the abortion pill should not be done without the assistance of a medical professional.

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