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Before You Take the Abortion Pill

An unplanned pregnancy is exactly that, unplanned.  Abortion providers are waiting for your call.  Before that call is made, consider these things: 

  • An abortion provider should perform a physical examination including an ultrasound, to determine if the woman is eligible for the procedure.  With telehealth visits on the rise, extra precautions must be taken.   


  • A telehealth visit will NOT:
    •  confirm a viable pregnancy (20% of first-trimester pregnancies end in miscarriage)
    •  date the pregnancy
    •  rule out ectopic pregnancy

Also consider…

  • Do you have a support system present in case of an emergency?
  • Are you prepared to see blood clots or embryonic parts that will pass?
  • Establish a follow-up visit to confirm the procedure was completed?
  • Do you have immediate access to emergency care?
  • Where will you get a blood test for RH factor (“If an Rh-negative woman gets pregnant after abortion and has not received treatment, a future fetus may be at risk of problems if it is Rh positive.” – ACOG)
  • If you regret your decision and want to reverse the procedure do you know who to call?  At PRC Medical Clinic in San Clemente, we have a 24-hour hotline for anyone desiring to reverse the procedure. 877-558-0333.

A First Step

At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic in San Clemente we do not provide or refer for abortion – but we will provide a pre-abortion screening at no cost, which will confirm several things:

  • Determine fetal age (a positive pregnancy test does not mean you have a viable pregnancy)
  • Ensure you have not miscarried (up to 1 in 5 known pregnancies may end in miscarriage)
  • Rule out ectopic pregnancy (which in some cases can be fatal)

Our licensed medical professionals will conduct the screening, and our staff can discuss your pregnancy options with you.  Knowing all the facts and associated risks before starting the abortion procedure is a vital next step.

Before you make an abortion decision, get a no-cost pre-abortion screening appointment at our clinic today.  It’s your future and your choice.  You deserve to know all the facts before you decide.  

If you are considering the abortion pill or have already taken the abortion pill please click HERE to watch a short video.