thinking about abortion near Laguna Hills?

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion near Laguna Hills, visit Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic. Our center provides abortion consultations to help you make an informed decision about abortion. Make an appointment at the Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic to talk about your personal situation, discuss the abortion methods that may be used and get answers to questions you may have.

you are not alone

Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic can verify your pregnancy and determine how far along you are so you know all of the options available.

during your visit

When you visit Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic, a caring staff member  will meet with you to discuss your situation and speak with you about all of your choices, including abortion, adoption and parenting. You will be given a free pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. If you qualify,  you will receive a free limited ultrasound to determine how many weeks pregnant you are. This information may also determine what abortion methods may be used at your stage of pregnancy.  .

make an appointment

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and want help with your next steps, visit Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic in San Clemente or at our Mobile Clinic.    We provide free pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds and abortion consultations in South Orange County. . Contact us to talk to someone about your situation and learn about your options. All of our services are free and confidential.

feeling pressure?

Coerced abortion is illegal.  You are the only one legally allowed to decide which option is right for your unintended pregnancy.   No one (parent/significant other) can force you into an abortion, even if you are a minor. If you’re being pressured to seek an abortion, please contact Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic or our Mobile Clinic today.

Make an appointment today at the Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic, or at our Mobile Clinic in South Orange County.  We are here for you!


Laguna Hills is a city in Orange County, California, United States. Its name refers to its proximity to Laguna Canyon and the much older Laguna Beach. Other newer cities nearby—Laguna Nigueland Laguna Woods—are similarly named.

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