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Abortion Recovery


Abortion can affect women in different ways.  Some manage the abortion with little or no signs of remorse while many may experience a myriad of emotions  (for details see our After Abortion Care page).  If you have regrets about your abortion, you are not alone.   After abortion, many women may experience a sense of loss and begin the grieving process, oftentimes in silence, and without even realizing this is happening.  

The first stages of a loss are relief which can be followed by denial.  This is followed by other emotions such as anger, sadness, and depression until at some point, acceptance sets in and a person is able to let go.   Grieving a loss is a natural reaction and you do not need to be ashamed of your feelings.  These feelings can impact many areas of your life.  If this is you, there is a way to stop the pain and begin the process of recovery.

At PRC we have walked through Abortion Recovery with hundreds of women and seen them set free!  Those women have found healing from their abortion experience and now walk in true freedom.  You can make a choice to be healed and restored.  We offer a confidential, safe, and non-judgmental environment in which you can talk to one of our trained support advocates; you may even consider joining one of our recovery classes.




There are two options:

  1. Meet with a trained advocate for one-on-one support in our private consult rooms at PRC.
  2. Our group classes are a safe place for women to share their experiences and begin the road to recovery.  Women of all ages come to find healing. Some women may be in their 20s and some may be older and have carried their secret for decades.  Some women will share they have had one abortion and some women have had multiple.  Each woman is treated with kindness and compassion, supported by women who have also experienced abortion and recovered!

Recovery groups are 12-week studies and meet once a week for approximately 2 hours, held twice a year in the spring and fall. 


We are here to help you find true freedom.  For support,  call 949.334.7722 or click here to schedule an appointment.  If you would like to participate in one of our post-abortion healing classes click here and select PRC Classes.